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About Homesite Designs

Nothing is more meaningful, experiential, and personal than your home.

The Homesite Designs Collection

With the Homesite Designs Collection we’ve created an approach to designing environments that elevate the way you live by incorporating these proven historical design principles below that over time have largely been ignored in modern day design.

One Room Deep Design

Houses should only be one room deep.

This timeless design principle puts forth the idea that houses should only be one room deep. With this concept, any room in a house would have windows or doors on at least two opposing sides of a room. This principle promotes outdoor air movement through a space, provides wonderful day light throughout the day and visually connects one to multiple views of the site. This principle is almost impossible to achieve in conventional house plans today.


Create wonderful outdoor spaces for congregating or contemplating.

The idea of placing buildings in a way that creates positive outdoor spaces is a thousand years old. Think of all the wonderful courtyards and piazzas you have experienced. When it comes to placemaking it is very difficult to think of houses in a conventional way, so we began to think of houses in a ‘non house’ way. By breaking down the typical rooms in a house into separate buildings we are able to place them on site to create wonderful outdoor spaces for congregating or contemplating.


No single architectural element relates more to your outdoor space than a simple porch.

One of the most critical aspects of a well designed house is how well it relates to the outdoors. For that reason, porches are a prominent feature in the Homesite Designs Collection. A porch shelters you, allows you to be outdoors.

In spite of the rain, wind or sun. A porch provides a new dimension to your lifestyle. Our main cottages have porches on two sides of the living room, our guest cottages have a generous front porch and our master cottages have a porch so that wherever your are in a Homesite design you are never far from a porch.

Natural Materials

It is our belief that we as humans are drawn to nature’s materials.

We are comforted when in the presence of wood and stone. These materials are part of our DNA and our definition of ‘home’.

For this reason wood and stone make up an important palate of materials in the Homesite Designs Collection. You will see these materials used in floors, walls, roofs and fireplaces.

Smaller Spaces

Smaller spaces feel better than larger spaces.

Over the years as practicing architects we have discovered that smaller spaces usually feel better than larger spaces. The same is true with buildings. We chose to refer to our designs as ‘cottages’ because we were very attuned to size and scale we were working with.

Homesite Designs


What you’ll love most about the Homesite story is its simplicity.

The idea is simple. The designs are simple. The buildings are simple.

The Homesite Design Collection is a simple idea based on long standing design principles that challenge the way you will think about houses.

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